Who We Are...

Our Mission

Proudly represent Armenian handmade products on Global Market, at the same time support Armenian artists, craftsmen and manufacturers,  indirectly maintain and create new jobs in Armenia.

Our Vision

At Hand-Made Armenia, we fully stand by the products and manufacturers whom we represent. We believe strongly that they are the best in what they do, and it is now the time for the world to find that out. This is an enormous task and we need all the support from Armenians from across the Globe, who share same values that we do until we reach our goal.

You may ask what makes Armenian products unique and why you should support it. The answer is simple - manufacturers and craftsmen put their heart and soul in their outcome and deliver high-quality products for you to enjoy. There is only one way for you to discover it - try it, and you will feel and believe in it too.

At Hand-Made Armenia, we will do everything in our power to bring this promise to your doorstep, and by doing so, we will accomplish many goals. To name few: we plan to bring more and better wages, build some art schools for kids. We also plan to donate percentage from our profits to special fund, where Armenian manufacturers and craftsmen can get interested free loans to buy their tools and all necessary parts to start or continue create their masterpieces.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions about our plan, about our progress. We will be transparent and very bold in our statements and actions.


HMA Team