ANNUK (Anna Soghomonyan) 

ANNUK was born and raised in a picturesque little town high up in the mountains of Armenia. She was always found of art as long as she remembers herself, so she has decided, that art cannot be just a hobby - it is life's fulfillment.

She is State Academy of Fine Arts graduate and a professional painter.

She uses different media, materials and techniques for her work, but she decided to focus this few particular area of art

  • Pure silk scarves, that she paints using "gutta" and "cirti"  techniques, natural high quality silks and non toxic paints.
  • Hand made bags - inspiration drawn from her paintings
  • Paintings. This is were her passion and talent come to life.

Few words from Anna herself

"I work with different materials and media and experiment all the time with new ones. I spend most of my time on silk painting and fine art. Everything around make me think of a new painting. Every bunch of flowers I see, every love story of my friends, even my dentist’s working lamp go deep into my mind and one day I see these impressions in my works. Life around is so diverse and interesting, and an artist has just to look with eyes wide open and catch these impressions.  I think that I am very lucky to have a chance to live in this magic world of art and share my works with others. I am also happy to see that my works are interesting for others, that they give them joy and create special mood in their houses. I am happy to see ladies wearing my silks. This is fantastic!!!"

Anna Soghomonyan

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