Gayane Mikaelyan is a talented artist and a most devoted teacher. She has worked at the "National Aesthetic Centre" and "SOS" kids village for many years as an art teacher. Gayane says she cannot imagine her life without two things: painting and teaching kids to paint. Her creative art has been exhibited numerous times at different corners of the world. Great Britain, Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, Russia and many more countries invite her again and again to show her masterpieces and to conduct art classes for kids as an invited teacher.

Gayane has her own unique style of drawing and she gets her inspiration from Armenian national heritage - miniature, and Nature itself. Her favorite material to work with is silk and she makes incredible pieces of art out of it.

All Pannos and scarves are made in batik technique. They are the result of artist’s painstaking and long work.

Batik is a technique of wax resist dyeing applied to cloth. Patterns are first drawn with a pencil and later redrawn using a special mixture of paints and beeswax.

She has fulfilled a number of projects such as charity events, volunteer work with kids, illustrated books both for kids and adults, and lots of innovative projects and catalogues involving her students. She does her best to raise and educate spiritually rich and kind generation, thus fulfilling her duty to her people and country.

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