Let me introduce myself. My name is Mary and my one and only passion in life is painting, creating a whole new world using brushes and paints. I am an interpreter by education (studied basics of translation and interpreting at the University of Management in Yerevan) but since my childhood painting and drawing has been my favourite activity. Later in my youth, I learned batik creating technique, and since then it’s been both my job and hobby. I love creating my own beautiful world full of incredible flowers and fairytale creatures. I put my love, my soul, passion and sleepless nights in each and every piece of my art.

My wish is that every masterpiece created in my country becomes recognizable in the whole world. That’s the reason I try to unite national and folklore motives with modern and fashionable in my works. This is very attractive for a younger generation and through this, they get more familiar with Armenian culture and traditions. I have been exhibited numerous times in Europe and the Americas, representing Armenian culture to people of the world.

While creating batik, quality is one of the most important things to consider, and I pay huge attention to the quality of materials I use (French and German paints, 100% pure silk, pashmina, cashmere, viscose) for shawls and scarves.


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